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Royal Panda Review

In the world of animal themed online casinos there is ample competition. Royal Panda doesn’t shy away from the fight and offers an impressive suite of games and features that are well worth your time. Usually, these animal or jungle themed online casinos have somewhat gaudy visuals and lean too heavily into that animal and jungle theme. Royal Panda, on the other hand, opts for a cleaner and refined design.

This first thing you’ll notice when you go to Royal Panda’s online casino is how clean this website looks. No over the top animal graphics or obnoxious jungle noises. This isn’t some campy casino, it’s a high class place to play. Yes, they have their cute panda mascot here and there, but with how clean the rest of the website looks it adds a touch of fun and personality. The website design is also clean and well organized. A huge bonus is a clear navigation bar. Lesser online casinos will crowd your screen with promotions and confusing links, but Real Panda keeps it straight forward and lets you get right to the action. Royal Panda looks like it wants to cater to the refined online gambler, but they have a wide selection of games as well.

When it comes to game selection, there’s no beating Royal Panda. They have everything from those cutesy, mini game driven slots to live Ultimate Texas Hold ‘em. It’s good to see a site so clearly focussed on having a high end appearance not be above having some of the online casino industries most popular games. They have the largest selection of online video slot machines that this reviewer has even seen in an online casino. It is truly impressive. To be honest, it’s almost too large a selection and could use some curation to prune down to the bet games.

That said, each of these games is pretty fantastic! You can play everything from haunted house themed video poker to online machines from licensed franchises like DC Comics! With Royal Panda, you’ll never run out of games to play. Many of these slots have a free play option so use that to your advantage and get in some practice or shop around before committing to Royal Panda as your new online casino. Now that we’ve talked about games, let’s get into the nuts and bolts of Royal Panda’s casino.

Royal Panda has it’s physical location, like many casinos, in Malta. However, unlike many competitors, it is also certified by the UK Gambling Commission. The UK Gambling Commission is a mark of high quality and is respected the world over for only certifying the best online casinos. You can’t get their seal of approval without offering not only the best games out there, but also games that are fair.

Royal Panda is, like every good online casino, independently audited to ensure fairness and quality. You’re not going to get scammed here! This auditing is incredibly important to ensure that your online gambling experience will be fair to you, the player. Online casinos who skip this auditing have no way of promising that their machines will ever pay out or that their games are at all fair to the player. Royal Panda not only has the UK Gambling Commission certification but also the independent auditing to back up their game’s quality.

Now for some criticism. It’s become standard in the online casino industry to offer a whole suite of bonuses for players. The “Welcome Bonus” has become the industry’s tried and true way of welcoming a new player to their casino and like a friendly greeting from the doorman, sets the tone for the playing experience. Royal Panda only offers a 100% match on the first $100. This feels like a bare minimum kind of policy when the rest of the industry is routinely above that. Let’s hope they fix this minor problem before too long!